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Collection Mapping with Excel -- Determining LOC classification based on call number

This tutorial matches call number data from a shelf list to the respective Library of Congress subject classifications in order to calculate the number of books in each LOC subclass.

L subclass general numbers L subclass detailed numbers
general L subclass counts detailed L subclass counts

This information may help in making decisions about acquisitions or weeding. Right now, the only data available in this tutorial is for Class L: Education, but with the Excel tips in this tutorial, the other classes can be done with a bit of extra work. And as I branch out, I will post templates with other classes.

This tutorial assumes that you have access to a shelf list.

This shelf list is preferably in a .txt, .csv, or .xlsx format. Depending on how things work at your institution, you may be able to obtain this list from your collections librarian, your systems librarian, or your library/institution IT people. Depending on the discovery layer you use, you may have to contact the vendor. Keep asking!